Dress Code



We believe that decorum and decency are associated with Biblical Christianity. We believe that people often behave differently when dressed up than when in play or work clothes. To whatever degree that is true, proper attire contributes to a productive academic environment. It is our hope that the dress code will alleviate the fashion competition that often arises between students. We do not wish to place emphasis on outward appearance to the neglect of weightier matters, however, to be consistent with our philosophy, students are required to conform to the following minimum standards while attending school or participating in a school function.

General Applications

Unsafe footwear such as thongs, clogs, or sandals without back straps, or excessively high heels are not acceptable. Comfortable shoes and sneakers are acceptable. All shoes should be clean and in good repair.

Jewelry, in reasonable amounts, may be worn. Excessive ear piercings are not acceptable. Boys may not wear earrings. No other body piercing is allowed.

A school uniform consists of khaki or colored pants (Twill, Chinos, Dockers, or Cargo) and a short or long sleeve polo shirt, or button down dress shirts. Girls may also wear dresses or skirts that reach the bottom of the knee in length. There should be no separation between tops and skirts/pants. School sweatshirts, sweaters, and plain fleece pullovers are acceptable over the uniform. All clothing should be clean and in good repair.

Hair for boys and girls is to be clean and well groomed, neatly trimmed and out of the eyes. Boys’ hair may be to the collar in the back. Spiked, tails, or similar styles are not appropriate. Unusual colorings are not acceptable.

Physical Education/Dress-Down Dress Code

Sneakers, shorts, sweats, athletic pants, wind pants, T-shirts, or sweatshirts are required for gym class. Jeans and T-shirts/sweatshirts are allowed on dress down days but must follow the code concerning modesty and inappropriate sayings.

The final interpretation of this code will be the prerogative of the administrator. It is hoped that parental cooperation will minimize unnecessary problems in this area. It is our hope that we can maintain a godly standard without a lot of fuss. We do not wish to stress the outward appearance but the heart of a person which God sees. We believe, however, that it is important to set and uphold standards in clothing.